When we make decisions, about eating or anything else, with an attitude of kindness and acceptance toward ourselves, with awareness of what is involved in our choices, the conflict between deprivation and indulgence ceases to exist.

- Cheri Huber



Whole Spirit Nutrition clients transform their relationship with food by shifting focus from solely "eating habits" to an integrated understanding of themselves and their behavior with food.

Whole Spirit Nutrition offers traditional nutriton counseling and energy medicine services, with specialization on emotional eating, weight management and body image.

A unique blend of counseling and energy work (if desired) assists Whole Spirit Nutrition clients in making changes on all levels of belief and behavior. Energy work is an extraordinary modality for enhancing intuition and the ability to stay present with oneself while endeavoring to change. This approach is catered to each client and the path s/he has already walked.

Even the most dramatic pattern of emotional or disordered eating can be broken when a client learns to listen to her body and stay present with herself. The philosophy and experience that guides this practice is that deep and lasting change does occur as clients are supported and taught to trust themselves with food.


Nearly all us have a relationship with food that far surpasses the need for certain nutrients. Food is family, culture, comfort, celebration, grief, anger, joy, depression, convenience... the list is endless. 

The relationship of food to weight and health is FAR more complex than most "diets" or conventional nutrition plans acknowledge. While good nutrition is paramount to health, strict rules around food reinforce our belief we can't trust ourselves to make healthy choices. The cycle of dieting, bingeing, purging and/or compulsively over- or under-eating perpetuates this mistrust.


Our relationship to our body and the choices we make with food... whether conscious or unconscious, stems from our emotional state and how connected we feel to ourselves. Interestingly, the patterns that we establish in our bodies are linked intrinsically to our body’s energy system.

Whole Spirit Nutrition uses a combination of counseling, energy medicine and/or nutrition information to assist clients in making this connection.

Energy work sessions help individuals to reach a new level of Being and understanding. Changing one’s energy facilitates letting go of old patterns of emotions, beliefs and behaviors which no longer serve us.


In terms of weight and food, the aim is to start looking inward and to trust. Trust yourself to make healthy choices with food. Know that no food is forbidden. Ever. Living a contentious or love/hate relationship with food does not have to be your path.

When one’s self-perspective begins to shift, this idea is not far-fetched. It’s important to understand and believe that nurturing the inner self lays the groundwork for exterior changes. "Nourishment" is a term to contemplate, to embody. And food is just one small source.

Making re-patterning changes that are necessary for weight management doesn’t feel as tedious when you are in tune with yourself, appreciating who you are, and welcoming improved health. Clients report that their change in weight is actually a byproduct of feeling more comfortable, and more holistically, about themselves.

Whole Spirit Nutrition is about transformation. Of spirit, of mind, and of body.

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